Having clean indoor air has never been this simple.


Filtration efficiency
with particles > 0,09μm


Particle reduction
up to 80% according to our tests.

A unique solution

Alme is a simple and innovative filter installed in to the supply air duct in offices, public spaces or homes. It filters inpurities from the indoor air with a simple and hassle-free solution.

Higher return
on investment

Add value to your property by delivering highest quality indoor air.

Low energy

Alme system uses only fraction of the energy needed by the traditional air purifiers.

Increase employer

Clean indoor air, keeps the employers healthy and energetic.

Improved population

Healthier population is the key to a prosperous society.

Can be installed to both new and renovated buildings.

This is how it works

The buildings Air Handling Unit (AHU) supplies air to the room and the filtering system from outside. The airflow generates negative pressure inside the filtering system, absorbing the air through the filters. Inpurities are caught in the filter. Clean air is redirected back in to the room – resulting in cleaner indoor air and healthier people.


Non-motorised system enables comfortable quietness.

Low energy

Only a small amount of energy is needed for the filtering.

No wasted
floor space

Installation to the supply air duct saves valuable floorspace.


According to tests our innovative filtering solution simply works.

No need for an interface

The wall indicator shows the status of the systen with a gentle glowing light.

Blue glow means everything is working as planned and the filter is functioning properly. The brightness is automatically dimmed in dark.

Automatic notifications

In case the filter needs to be replaced or there's something else that needs fixing, Alme notifies the maintenance crew automatically via the cloud.

The indicator communicates this by changing the light to orange.

Vitality for home and office

Available in various frames

Clean indoor air for different environments


& Schools

Public spaces